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TBS XF-Race Antenne Crossfire RACE 868MHz

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TBS XF-Race Antenne Crossfire RACE 868MHz

The TBS Crossfire RACE 868MHz antenna for nano and micro builds as well as racers who want to shave a few grams and fly aerodynamically efficient.

The Crossfire RACE antenna is a new design for miniature setups or builds where weight is more critical than range. It will give you range about as good as a regular “Long Range 2.4GHz system”, but maintaining all of the low latency properties and other conveniences that you have come to expect from the Crossfire.

We suggest to mount the antenna vertically using the foam in the designated location to provide spacing to any conductive materials in order to allow this antenna to provide optimal performance.

Technical Specifications:
Center Frequency: 868 MHz
VSWR: <2 Gain: 2dBi Length: 34 mm Width: 7 mm Height: 0.8 mm Antenna Connector Type: u.FL Weight: 0.8g (without foam)

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